What to do with your carpet? – Cleaning or Replacing?

carpet-1429217_1280-1080x675Carpet cleaning is a highly debated topic.  Often we debate what is the best way to clean your carpets. Let me tell you firsthand that there are 100 different ways to clean your carpets, but not all of them are treated equally.  Different types of carpets come with different type of cleaning. The reason of the difference among ways of cleaning is that all the carpets are not made same. Some ways of cleaning prove to be very harmful to certain types of carpets, however, the same way could be beneficial for other certain carpet types. Before hiring a company to get the carpet cleaned, make initial research concerning the type of carpet you own and the way of cleaning should be better for this specific carpet. Below, I’m going to share some cleaning types, read them finding the best way you choose to clean your room carpet.

Shampooing the carpet

Apparently, this way seems less effective when it comes to getting rid of dust inside thoroughly. Shampooing the carpet could please you upon arrival the guests as using shampoos results in better cleaning and shining compared to using ordinary ways. However, it’s not recommended when health issues are discussed as shampooing doesn’t ensure removing dangerous bacteria.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

According to some, dry carpet cleaning is preferred over other traditional ways. The reason is it takes no time in making the carpet in use again after the process is done whilst other ways need much time for getting the carpet dried. Often, nothing is used except a cleaning powder in the process. The powder is sprinkled all over the carpet and after a few minutes, when the powder absorbs all the dust, you can start the next step. Start vacuuming the dust and this job should be finished in five to ten minutes depending on the size of the carpet and the speed of vacuum cleaner.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

Foam carpet cleaning is regarded a good way just like the method mentioned above. Actually, the method takes a bit of shampooing way and dry cleaning way. With this way, you would need a little water along with a piece of cleansing foam. Cleansing foam is a well-known tool to attract the dirt and harmful fiber, just like cleaning powder does with the difference of working. So, cleaning foam can remove and suck the dirt with using a little water, whilst cleaning powder does the job with using no water.