Dealing with Carpet Stains and Odors from Pets

Pet and Odor Stains

Dealing with Carpet Stains and Odors from Pets!

If you have pets who are allowed inside, you know that even though they might be your favorite family members, they’re also sometimes the messiest. That obviously won’t stop you from loving or cherishing your pets, but it shouldn’t stop you from maintaining clean carpets either.

Whether your pet uses an indoor litter box, goes to the bathroom outside, or is in the process of being trained, you’ve likely experienced a pet accident or two (or ten). If you suddenly notice that a certain area of your home is starting to develop a bad smell, your carpets or rugs might have been the victim of a pet accident. At that point, it’s a good idea to get professional carpet cleaners involved to nip the problem in the bud.

However, remember that not all urine—pet and human included—emits a strong smell. That means that you might have urine damage in your carpets without having the warning sign of a foul smell.

Is it ever too late to save the carpet?

If pet urine has soaked all the way through your carpet or rug, if the same area of carpet has experienced multiple accidents, or if the stains have been left for a very long time, it’s possible that even professional carpet cleaning will not remove the spots or odors completely. At this point, the carpet might have to be removed altogether. Thankfully, this happens only in extreme circumstances and is not usually the case.

What can be done to remove the spots and/or smells?

Taking action quickly to combat pet stains and odors can go a long way. Thankfully, when pet odors in carpets are caught early, they can frequently be treated and removed efficiently. Call in professional carpet cleaners today to get a handle on your carpet stains and odors!

If you are dealing with carpet stains and odors from pets, can need more information, please contact us directly!